• Journeys to School

Journeys to School

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Much has been written about the state of education around the world. The eloquent images in this publication complement millions of words and statistics about the importance of education and effective public policies. Access to education and access to reliable and safe transport are closely linked. The children in this book are pioneers of courage and determination in their quest to get an education. Their journeys through deserts, the tundra, across water or unsafe neighbourhoods; on foot, horseback, on sled; aboard buses and boats, represent not only their daily routes to school but a transition to a more fulfilled life. Although globally access to education has improved in recent years, the world's poor and marginalized citizens are still excluded from education. Poverty, ethnicity, location, gender inequality, lack of public transport networks are some of the obstacles that stand in the way of children getting to school. The photos in this publication Journeys to School remind us of our responsibility to ensure that all children, everywhere, including the hardest to reach, can go to school.

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