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Writing peace

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Writing. Writing a note, a speech or a love letter. Writing on a scrap of paper, writing on stone. Writing with the point of a pen or brush, or with a keyboard. Every time, writing is a special experience. Have we sometimes forgotten that fact? When we write, every one of us follows the path of civilization, the journey of time which has revolutionized human history through the ages by placing it in a medium, thereby passing it on to future generations. Let us remember…
Some 35,000 years ago, our ancestors began making signs on cave walls. Shapes appeared, particularly those of living beings in their environment: mammoths, woolly rhinoceros, ibex… and sometimes even stranger signs which have not  yet been interpreted. Not all experts agree that those signs were “writing”. Nonetheless, a magic had begun; later, the advent of cities, trade and commerce would lead to the need to keep records.

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