• World Heritage Review 89 -  World Heritage and Wetlands

World Heritage Review 89 - World Heritage and Wetlands

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Wetlands are an essential, but often overlooked, aspect of our natural environment. They are vital sources of biodiversity and take many different forms – from lakes, rivers and swamps, to deltas and tidal flats, mangroves and coral reefs. Wetlands are found nearly everywhere, are essential to the survival of countless species of plants and animals, and are therefore crucial for human survival too, as water is the essence of life.

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For this issue of World Heritage, we have collaborated with our friends at the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, which recognizes and helps protect wetland sites of international importance. Over 100 World Heritage properties are also designated as Ramsar Sites, in whole or in part, and our two Conventions work together closely. In an interview, Martha Rojas Urrego, Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention, describes how the two Conventions cooperate, discusses the role of wetlands in urban areas as they continue to grow, and addresses the challenge of preserving wetlands in cultural heritage places.

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