• The Unesco Courier (2021_3): Restoring Biodiversity, Reviving Life

The Unesco Courier (2021_3): Restoring Biodiversity, Reviving Life

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Year after year, scientific studies are condemned to chronicle the sixth mass extinction – the decline of living organisms, the loss of species, the over-exploitation of resources, and the degradation of natural habitats. Ecosystems, which provide services that are essential for our existence, are declining at an unprecedented rate, against the backdrop of the climate crisis. However, it is not too late to (re)act.

This issue of the Courier is an invitation to become more aware – to be re-enchanted by nature, to reconnect with it, to be open to new ways of being alive, to marvel. It is a call to reinscribe ourselves fully in our environment, to recognize ourselves as living beings among other living beings.

  • The UNESCO Courier, the flagship UNESCO magazine since 1948 is a platform for the dialogue between cultures and a forum for international debate.
  • Bringing together well-known personalities, experts and artists, as well as journalists from different cultural and geographical horizons, it reflects the intellectual role of UNESCO, and its work around the world in all its domains of competence.
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